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Monday, January 10, 2011

What's the best way to get get over the return to work blues?

Grab a cuppa and re-acquaint yourselves with your colleagues. It is actually really good to get back together with them, hear their stories good and bad about their holidays and appreciate why you make such a good team. Maybe this can be one of those New Year resolutions you consider each month. Let us know how you go and get over those return to work blues. And then at the end of the month remember, there's that other added bonus - you'll actually get paid - now that's got to be good!
Ciao from B&G
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's the best place for culture on a hot day in Melbourne?

Not the Polo at Werribee, far too hot! Today we decided trekked into the lovely Gustave Moreau exhibit at the NGV to beat the hot weather and soak up some cooling culture. You can find more details on our See page. Here you can escape the heat of the city and in air conditioned comfort you can view the masterpieces.  The exhibition was quite small and took no time to get around so we then went off to the clubhouse. That's the members room for those of you in the know. Did you know that you can become an NGV member and included in the membership you have access to their clubroom?  This entitles you to coffee, tea, biscuits and all of the latest fashion mags free of charge. (See photo) In the cool of the lounge we perused all the latest fashions and made comment on all the ideas we thought were great and not so great. 
One of these items was over the knee boots.  Guaranteed by several friends who have come back from Italy, US and Spain lately to be next seasons must have.  They have come back with their suitcases full of them.  Just a word of warning!  Make sure that they don’t fall down when you walk. Apparently this can be quite a problem. 
Unfortunately the hot weather can bring out quite a lot of flesh that we didn’t need to see and many an unflattering tattoo.  Sloppy dressing is not a necessity for warmer weather.  Forget thongs, singlet tops and short shorts, leave something to the imagination please!
Ciao until next time, from B&G
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's the best place to eat in Mornington?

Today it was DOC, the sister to Carlton Espresso. The staff there still seem to speak the real deal, even though they are not in downtown Carlton. The nimble team in the kitchen can certainly knock out a great Italian lunch in a hurry and the coffee too lives up to expectations. Check it out - Main Street.
Ciao from B&G

Monday, January 3, 2011

What's the drink for Summer?

Campari & Blood Orange juice or Aperol on ice with a slice of fresh orange?
We think the Campari is still the hit. Look on our Eat page for the "recipes"
Today we've been off to DFO to snap up the bargains. That's Direct Factory Outlets for the uninitiated. Got a great pair of hiking boots for tramping through the snow in the upcoming trip to Europe. Only $50 at Anaconda. Apparently they are 2009 stock, but hey - don't think that will be a fashion crime. Good lace-ups like the ones our friend at the Satorialist often features.
Weird buying winter gear in the middle of summer. We, we'll need that drink now to recover from all the excitement. Cheers!
Psyching up for the hair cut this weekend. Stay tuned!

Ciao from B&G

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 It's here!

Welcome to 2011.   Forget New Year's Resolutions they never work!  Try something new each month. Hmmmm what to try first. Maybe pay off the credit card.

Let us know what you will try first, we'd love to hear from you.

We have been re- visiting "House of Elliot" DVDs for some fashion inspiration. Looking at all of the gorgeous 20's style coats, hats, frocks etc.  Wouldn't you love to have Beatrice and Evie fashioning up a little something to re-style your wardrobe?  All those glam fabrics - must get some velvet and brocade ASAP. 
Would have to say, that even the gents look fab.  Bring back the suit we say, especially black tie for a special soiree. 
Just been to lunch at a very popular bayside cafe, very friendly and amicable staff which makes New Year's day much more bearable. Now an early alert on the 2011 the style scene.  Be careful how much flesh one exposes early on in the season especially if not toned and terrific. It can be too challenging for the eyes of those around you if there is so much on show.

Ciao from B&G

Stay tuned for our holiday adventures later in the week.