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Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Join A Bookgroup? 10 good reasons

Dear Readers,
can you believe it, but we are going to recommend something you may think only your Grandmother would do - join a bookgroup. Have to say this is one monthly event that is worth looking forward too!
Join in your local area - you know how the suburbs empty each day as we hit the road for the drive to work? Well this is a really good way to get back in touch with people who live near you. If you join a group organised by the CAE, all the hard work is done. You pay an annual fee and the books with reading notes are delivered each month.
Here are the 10 reasons you will enjoy this one.
1. lovely supper in the home of the host each month - sure do love those Passionfruit sponges
2. interesting people from all walks of life - get away from the same tribe you normally hang out with
3. read books you normally wouldn't consider and appreciate them through the discussion which follows
4. hand the book back each month and don't have it cluttering your shelves never to be opened again
5. learn a little more about a few new topics and appreciate a different view to your own - yes there are some different views to your own. Still can't get over the discussion the night we reviewed Christos Tsolakis - The Slap
6. go to all types of homes in your area and meet people you probably wouldn't have got to know
7. its a pleasant night out away from the kids
8. the supper
9. the supper
10. did we mention the supper - nothing nicer than a strong hot cup of tea from a dainty china cup - now we are beginning to sound like our Grandmothers!
Happy reading. The CAE do a really good job of this one, so seriously consider it!

Ciao from B&G

Ladies Lunch on Saturday in Melbourne? The European of course!

Dear readers,
The European at the top of Collins Street, proves to be consistently the place for a sophisticated luncheon or a brunch. Have a glass of bubbly and something tasty before heading out to the shops! Lovely ambience always - if you can't get to Europe this week, well this is the next best thing to sit in a salon atmosphere. And of course there's a coffee too. Always consistent, always the right temperature, always the best flavour. Head away from Flinders Street and up the hill far from the madding crowds of teens exploring on their first big trip into town - it's so much nicer up the hill and we do like nice! After finding our strength to shop whilst sitting in the European, we recovered sufficiently to purchase those new seasons boots - the ones from Country Road - finally!
Ciao from B&G

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Melbourne's Food Capital Sydney Rd Brunswick?

Dear readers, today we've been out on the road to Sydney Road Brunswick. This and some of the surrounding streets has to be the best place in town for all your gorgeous foodstuffs and some special treats too. Our favourite stop is straight to that institution Mediterranean Wholesalers. First off - coffee to brace ourselves for the journey - best and cheapest in town, then grab a trolley and stock up. Got another slab of Italian tomatoes, a hunk of Regiano Parmigiana and then over to the Pasta aisle. What choice! You can even grab a bottle of Barolo to wash it down with and a Pannettone for after with coffee. Next stop BAS Foods over the other side Sydney Rd at 423 Victoria St. These guys are fantastic and even have a Halal butcher if that's your thing. Get some of the bulk herbs and spices and of course a huge flat bread about half the price of stores over the other side of the Yarra. Next stop N.S.M. for nuts and spices. If you buy LSA or Lecithin you'll never buy it at the supermarket again, you can bug 1kg for the price of about 10g in the big supermarkets. Maria keeps those boys of hers in line too, with a few smart Italian words. Back up the street closer to Sydney Rd again and its' time for us to lunch. Ray is the place for us. Love their Pides and of course another coffee. Don't forget to drop by next door in Divali. She has some great jewelry pieces and clothing at the most amazing prices. You can never walk out of there without a little treat or gift for someone. By this time the car is absolutely packed, so it's home for us. Dinner will be superb tonight.
Ciao from B&G
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's happened to our Knees - One in the "no-one told us" series

Dear Readers,
there are definitely some things that we didn't get told when they gave us the facts of life. One of these is the degradation of our knees as the passing of time marches on. Who ever would have thought it? One minute we were all sunning on the beach oblivious to our future. Beautiful skin, beautiful knees and even elbows. No just a few short decades later the result is slightly saggy knees. Looks like we are now condemned to a life of covering - longer skirts, trousers or even worse - stockings! Blah it's so not fair! OK - at least we still have our health. Moral of the story - that sun really isn't so good for you after all. Enjoy those lovely legs if you still have them, while you can.

Ciao from B&G

Where did all the Frock Shops Go? Let's bring them back and shop in style

How lucky were our grandmothers, the choices for them were so much easier. A simple floral frock with a self tie belt. Perhaps a special one with matching hat and gloves for special events like family weddings. No chain store rubbish for them. They just popped down to the local Frock salon and saw Mrs Brown who knew their size and their taste. We really think these special havens need to come back. Staple items , solid service, fabulous quality. Here's one of the last ones in Melbourne. Have never ever seen any one in this establishment, but surely some of the Albert Park dames arrive here on a regular basis.

Ciao from B&G

The Best Form of Exercise Really is Yoga

Yes readers, it's true we really do believe this is the key to a long happy life. Life at the Balwyn Yoga Centre has us convinced. Posture and holding that pose, beats running through the streets of Melbourne any day, or slogging it out at some crazy gym. We've been finding the path to this door for some time now and it really pays off. It is certainly very satisfying to have some BYT (Bright Young Thing) on the floor beside you who can't keep up the pace or even touch their toes. Our fantastic teacher of an uncertain senior age is truly inspirational. She can do the splits like no one else in her age bracket. In fact we can't wait to get to her age bracket if that's what you can do. No life ahead on walking frame for us!

Ciao from B&G

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bella & Grace travelling again

Stay tuned - we've hit the road again to travel to a completely new part of the world for us. A place where you can feel like a millionaire for a reasonable amount. Hope to bring you some pics too. It's so much fun to get out of your usual travel routine, but also even better - you get to come home to all the good things in life we have here too. One word of advice - don't ever travel Malaysian Airlines unless you really feel like punishing yourself. Dirty planes, rude staff and worst food ever. Apart from that it's fine actually and we arrived home in one piece, even if rather annoyed. Really getting ready to purchase those suede ankle boots - think we'll check out the Florsheim ones this weekend and then it's decision time!

Ciao from B&G