Guidelines for Bella & Grace Culture

Friday, April 22, 2011

Who gets our vote for the most stylish woman on the planet?

Dear Readers,
we've been following this one for some time and it just has to be Giovanna Battaglia. The web is just littered with fantastic shots of her in amazing outfits, shoes and accessories - never a bad shot, always incredibly stylish.
Take the time to check her out on social media sites, other blogs and fashion shots. She truly is amazing.
For those who don't know her - she is the ulitmate style icon.
Why do we admire her so?
Well - it's quite simple her beautiful clothes are always well cut. She teams classics with contemporary. She mixes up those patterns without looking like Euro trash. (Even managed to bring back spots) She has the best accessories, but the best of all - those shoes. She really knows how to find a good shoe and make it her statement piece.
Remember readers - shoes we love since they always fit.
Sure Giovanna moves in all the right circles, but we think she deserves the accolades - what inspiration!
 Happy Styling,
Ciao from B&G

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't you love the High Street?

Hello again dear readers,
we've been down to the High Street or is it up the High Street? One never really knows - well High Street Armadale it's been for us. This place has had so many transformations over the years and still we find it a place to meet, have a lunch and stroll for frocks! No - we always steer clear of the gushing parties of newly engaged brides to be, dragging their intended bride slaves behind them or their teary mothers as they search for the ultimate gown. For us it is much more a gentle process. Grab something scrumptious in Cooper & Miller. Have a quick look in Seed Femme, across for a top up of essentials at Aesop, then into Scanlan  & Theodore and see if you can get a shop assistant to caste a glance in your direction or even acknowledge your presence with some form of greeting! Love the ladies in Durance - always know how to greet a customer, out through Kings Arcade for a quick look around Mexican Imports and then back up the street - maybe another coffee - one more look in Skin & Threads and home again satisfied with the total High Street experience.
Despite it's age and the many shops who have come and gone, we still love this little precinct.

Ciao from B&G

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why do we love buying new shoes?

Dear Readers,
the answer is simple. At Bella & Grace Culture we have been coveting some lovely ankle boots for the coming season for a few weeks now. Tried to hang out until the sales, but just couldn't wait and finally decided on the ones in Country Road - yes at full price too! As we were paying for these lovely beauties the sales assistant made a really profound comment which has stuck with us ever since. "You know", she said, "I really love lots of shoes." Tell us something we didn't know we thought. "Yes" she continued - "they always fit!" We paid up and walked away with the purchase  - then realised what she had just said - yes - if your weight goes up or down - you clothes burst at the seams or fall off you, spoiling that look - but your shoes - always fit! She has to be the best retail philosopher that woman! Well done to her. Any you know the shoes really do fit and we really do love them.
As always,
                    Ciao from B&G