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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bella & Grace waiting in style at the Myer Mural Hall

Well Dear readers,
 today with all the other thousands we tripped around town to Melbourne Open House. This pic was taken in the foyer area to the Myer Mural Hall - a lovely place to wait before being ushered into the main event, perhaps even sipping a Pimms or two. These cosy sofas are seriously cool, just the place for a stylish pause.
Ciao from B&G

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bella & Grace getting ready for Melbourne Open House

The other exciting thing to plan for right now is to be a tourist in your own city. We love this annual event and the chance to get into so many hiddens gems in Melbourne. Over 75 venues now is a little daunting, so we'll aim for some of the ones we haven't seen in past years - like Bishopscourt. Got the walking shoes primed and ready to go. Don't know if we trully have the talent to enter the photo competition but we'll give it a go anyway. Last year the highlight was the underground Power station in Russell Place. Imagine walking over that site for so many years and never knew it even existed. Some people would have probably spent their whole working lives down there, oblivious to the world above.
Ciao from B&G

Bella & Grace are getting ready for the new season

Well dear readers, here we are in the middle of a cold grey Melbourne winter and now the shops are beginning to put their dogs to the rack at the back of the store and load up the windows with all the bright shiny new range. Bit hard to get enthusiastic right now, but luckily for us our recent trip to Europe has us already thinking ahead. What to throw - or retire from the wardrobe, what to introduce and what to reinvent??
So far - the nautical stripes are definitely going to the revitalise list - so crisp when the sun starts to shine, but good for the transeasonal transition. Got an updated Trench in Zara, so good to go with a little warmth without looking like we are going off to another funeral in the Melbourne black. Now for some new comers to the collection. A Maxi skirt and some brogues?? Here's some to consider for starters. Leaning toward the brogues quite heavily, but the skirt - still looking for the right cut and combination. The skirt is from Seed Femme and the Brogues from ASOS.

Ciao from B&G

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in town after the European Summer trip

Hi again readers,
the Bella & Grace culture decided to slip away to a warmer location and headed over to the European summer. It was simply lovely to bask in the long daylight hours with the soft gentle heat of Europe. Heaps of good people watching available too. Very productive observations. Whilst some are in the fashion shows of the major cities we were in the streets, parks and cafes observing the style of summer.
Have to say we are not too eager to adopt those 80's throw back primary brights, but feel much more eager to review the updated Sloan or preppie look. A modern twist to a former style. Lots of white jeans - yes we know - but well cut with skinny legs and a navy school blazer. Brogues for girls too, but with a softer sole.
Here's a great snap of one of the locals who epitomises the style. Pity he had to keep smoking during our observation time. Never mind, we've all got a little something we can improve on.
All in all a very worthwhile trip with lots of inspiration for the coming season here.

Ciao from B&G