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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in town after the European Summer trip

Hi again readers,
the Bella & Grace culture decided to slip away to a warmer location and headed over to the European summer. It was simply lovely to bask in the long daylight hours with the soft gentle heat of Europe. Heaps of good people watching available too. Very productive observations. Whilst some are in the fashion shows of the major cities we were in the streets, parks and cafes observing the style of summer.
Have to say we are not too eager to adopt those 80's throw back primary brights, but feel much more eager to review the updated Sloan or preppie look. A modern twist to a former style. Lots of white jeans - yes we know - but well cut with skinny legs and a navy school blazer. Brogues for girls too, but with a softer sole.
Here's a great snap of one of the locals who epitomises the style. Pity he had to keep smoking during our observation time. Never mind, we've all got a little something we can improve on.
All in all a very worthwhile trip with lots of inspiration for the coming season here.

Ciao from B&G

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