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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bella & Grace are getting ready for the new season

Well dear readers, here we are in the middle of a cold grey Melbourne winter and now the shops are beginning to put their dogs to the rack at the back of the store and load up the windows with all the bright shiny new range. Bit hard to get enthusiastic right now, but luckily for us our recent trip to Europe has us already thinking ahead. What to throw - or retire from the wardrobe, what to introduce and what to reinvent??
So far - the nautical stripes are definitely going to the revitalise list - so crisp when the sun starts to shine, but good for the transeasonal transition. Got an updated Trench in Zara, so good to go with a little warmth without looking like we are going off to another funeral in the Melbourne black. Now for some new comers to the collection. A Maxi skirt and some brogues?? Here's some to consider for starters. Leaning toward the brogues quite heavily, but the skirt - still looking for the right cut and combination. The skirt is from Seed Femme and the Brogues from ASOS.

Ciao from B&G

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