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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't you love the High Street?

Hello again dear readers,
we've been down to the High Street or is it up the High Street? One never really knows - well High Street Armadale it's been for us. This place has had so many transformations over the years and still we find it a place to meet, have a lunch and stroll for frocks! No - we always steer clear of the gushing parties of newly engaged brides to be, dragging their intended bride slaves behind them or their teary mothers as they search for the ultimate gown. For us it is much more a gentle process. Grab something scrumptious in Cooper & Miller. Have a quick look in Seed Femme, across for a top up of essentials at Aesop, then into Scanlan  & Theodore and see if you can get a shop assistant to caste a glance in your direction or even acknowledge your presence with some form of greeting! Love the ladies in Durance - always know how to greet a customer, out through Kings Arcade for a quick look around Mexican Imports and then back up the street - maybe another coffee - one more look in Skin & Threads and home again satisfied with the total High Street experience.
Despite it's age and the many shops who have come and gone, we still love this little precinct.

Ciao from B&G

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