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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Melbourne's Food Capital Sydney Rd Brunswick?

Dear readers, today we've been out on the road to Sydney Road Brunswick. This and some of the surrounding streets has to be the best place in town for all your gorgeous foodstuffs and some special treats too. Our favourite stop is straight to that institution Mediterranean Wholesalers. First off - coffee to brace ourselves for the journey - best and cheapest in town, then grab a trolley and stock up. Got another slab of Italian tomatoes, a hunk of Regiano Parmigiana and then over to the Pasta aisle. What choice! You can even grab a bottle of Barolo to wash it down with and a Pannettone for after with coffee. Next stop BAS Foods over the other side Sydney Rd at 423 Victoria St. These guys are fantastic and even have a Halal butcher if that's your thing. Get some of the bulk herbs and spices and of course a huge flat bread about half the price of stores over the other side of the Yarra. Next stop N.S.M. for nuts and spices. If you buy LSA or Lecithin you'll never buy it at the supermarket again, you can bug 1kg for the price of about 10g in the big supermarkets. Maria keeps those boys of hers in line too, with a few smart Italian words. Back up the street closer to Sydney Rd again and its' time for us to lunch. Ray is the place for us. Love their Pides and of course another coffee. Don't forget to drop by next door in Divali. She has some great jewelry pieces and clothing at the most amazing prices. You can never walk out of there without a little treat or gift for someone. By this time the car is absolutely packed, so it's home for us. Dinner will be superb tonight.
Ciao from B&G
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  1. I believe Sydney rd is too, but there could be more variety.
    Nice blog!