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Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Join A Bookgroup? 10 good reasons

Dear Readers,
can you believe it, but we are going to recommend something you may think only your Grandmother would do - join a bookgroup. Have to say this is one monthly event that is worth looking forward too!
Join in your local area - you know how the suburbs empty each day as we hit the road for the drive to work? Well this is a really good way to get back in touch with people who live near you. If you join a group organised by the CAE, all the hard work is done. You pay an annual fee and the books with reading notes are delivered each month.
Here are the 10 reasons you will enjoy this one.
1. lovely supper in the home of the host each month - sure do love those Passionfruit sponges
2. interesting people from all walks of life - get away from the same tribe you normally hang out with
3. read books you normally wouldn't consider and appreciate them through the discussion which follows
4. hand the book back each month and don't have it cluttering your shelves never to be opened again
5. learn a little more about a few new topics and appreciate a different view to your own - yes there are some different views to your own. Still can't get over the discussion the night we reviewed Christos Tsolakis - The Slap
6. go to all types of homes in your area and meet people you probably wouldn't have got to know
7. its a pleasant night out away from the kids
8. the supper
9. the supper
10. did we mention the supper - nothing nicer than a strong hot cup of tea from a dainty china cup - now we are beginning to sound like our Grandmothers!
Happy reading. The CAE do a really good job of this one, so seriously consider it!

Ciao from B&G

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