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Monday, January 3, 2011

What's the drink for Summer?

Campari & Blood Orange juice or Aperol on ice with a slice of fresh orange?
We think the Campari is still the hit. Look on our Eat page for the "recipes"
Today we've been off to DFO to snap up the bargains. That's Direct Factory Outlets for the uninitiated. Got a great pair of hiking boots for tramping through the snow in the upcoming trip to Europe. Only $50 at Anaconda. Apparently they are 2009 stock, but hey - don't think that will be a fashion crime. Good lace-ups like the ones our friend at the Satorialist often features.
Weird buying winter gear in the middle of summer. We, we'll need that drink now to recover from all the excitement. Cheers!
Psyching up for the hair cut this weekend. Stay tuned!

Ciao from B&G

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