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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Orange

Dear Readers,
desperately seeking a quest for something that is likely to be a fad in a very short while. You know how it is? Sometimes, you get this great vision and it just can't be fulfilled in our time, then lo & behold it pops up next season. Had that moment a few seasons ago when seeking some nautical style navy trousers. One "helpful" shop assistant replied when we inquired - "it's not a high fashion colour darling", looked down her nose and sashayed back to her online game of solitaire! Boy how wrong can you be, just a little ahead of the game that's all.
Well for now, it might be a last resort to a sewing machine for a sleek pencil skirt in a beautiful burnt orange to be teamed with a sleek shirt and cute clutch. Hope to share some pics if this comes off!
Ciao from B&G

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