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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Hair Dilemma Finally Solved!

We at Bella & Grace Culture have been on the trail to solve the great hair dilemma - fly away dry hair!
After that recent sojourn in Europe where the water is completely different, we suddenly realised it's all about water, not just about all the treatments and chemicals we've been throwing at our heads to restore its shine & lustre. Couldn't believe it, that even with dodgy hotel room hair dryers we found our locks sat beautifully all the time. Got us thinking, then it must be about water. For those of you who have travelled you will recall that in some parts of Europe you can be tricked into thinking that you didn't put any shampoo into your hair - it really doesn't froth up as much as here. Back in Melbourne town after a week the same old dry frizz returned. Well, we think we've got the solution - Demineralised Water. Head on down to the Laundry section of your local friendly supermarket. Costs about $1.70 for a huge bottle of the stuff - about an Orange Juice bottle size. Use this to do your final rinse - or all of it if you can be bothered. Then finish off you towel dried hair with our other favourite - Moroccan oil. Hair problem solved - sits beautifully and you don't need to wash it again as frequently. For those of you with fine hair - try the Moroccan Light. For those of you who haven't ever used Moroccan oil, try it any way - quite expensive, but worth it - only use about a  5 cent piece worth in the palm of your hand before you dry.
Can't believe we've hit the jackpot on this life changing problem - all those other products are out the door - what a saving!!!
Let us know how you go if you try this trick. Two key ingredients - Moroccan Oil & De-mineralised water.
Ciao from B&G

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