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Monday, February 14, 2011

What's a really good hair cut worth?

Bella & Grace have strayed a little from the path of culture in the past few weeks and onto public transport to get to town. Boy - is that an experience! The best part of the whole thing has been the wonderful conversations one can catch whilst enjoying the travel experience.
Just last week we overheard two lovely ladies discussing a fabulous hairdresser who really got stuck into re-styling one of them. Cut and colour only $600!!!! Really - a bargain, considering she will have to go back in just six weeks time.
She actually needs a trip across town to see Stefano at Avia 170 in Carlton. She can save herself a real packet of money, get a great cut and colour and then head out to snap up some fashion bargains with the change - everyone's a winner.
Snip, Snip & Ciao from B&G

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